Located at Northern Virginia, USBaker is one of the finest bakers who perfected the art of making these traditional cakes. We have two products on the market: English Rich Cake (Wedding/Plum cake) and the traditional Fruit Cake. Both are packaged in two different sizes and delivered with aroma and flavor that is unique to these traditional cakes. Fruitcakes are seasonal and available from October through December. English Rich cakes are available year-round in tins and slices. Also, the individually wrapped slices could be ordered in bulk for occasions. 

English Rich Cake/Wedding Cake, USBaker

English Rich Cake

 English Rich Cake is one of the best European origin fine cakes that you will relish. Ingredients are soaked and marinated for several weeks. The order of this process is very unique, decade’s old, traditionally followed and time tested. Spices with honey and dark Muscovado sugar add flavor to the mix. Slices available in individually wrapped boxes for distribution during Wedding, Baptism and Church celebrations.

Fruitcake, cake, Christmas cake, USBaker


 With the right level of fruits and nuts on every cake, each Fruit Cake is unique, tender and nostalgic. The fruits and nuts are soaked over a month long process to make each cake as succulent and flavorful as desired through a traditional recipe. The cakes are slow baked and allowed to cure before they are packaged. 


Cake Slices

Individually packaged cake slices available for retail.